Hello everyone!


In the midst of all my self employed entrepreneuer adventures I have started, I decided I wanted to start a blog to share my experiences with you all! I am a born and raised city girl with a soul that belongs in the country.


My husband Matt and I aspire to live in the country and are always on the lookout for the perfect piece of land. Until then, we have been making what we can of our home in Millard (Nebraska) and starting little farm-like ventures. From gardening to raising chickens, we continue to learn every day what it takes through mistakes and successes. We can not wait to take what we have learned and turn it into something bigger. I plan on sharing with you our experiences of “farm living” in the city!


Along with our little homestead we are building, I have also started to dive into a world of natural living. Educating myself on what is harmful to our bodies and our world, I have begun step by step purifying our lives. This mostly consists of becoming educated on products that we use or foods that we eat and then doing what I can to find healthy and holistic alternatives to the harmful chemical filled products out there. I plan on sharing with you all different products or methods that we are trying and what we find to like best!


Input is always welcome on all topics! Sharing with others is how people learn better ways.


I little bit about me…

Daniela Mae Watson

Wife to Matthew Watson

Dog mom to Dexter and Cabela

Chicken mom to Pasty, Roxie, Little, Peeper, and Big Mamma



Substitute Teacher

Healthy Living Advocate




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