Garden, Go Green

First Harvest of 2017


Disclaimer: This post was written one month ago! YIKES! I’ve been caught up with things and just had a chance to edit and post this!

Our garden is finally booming, but the amount of fruit is still slow going. Our tomato plants especially are a bit smaller than they were last year at this time. There are a few tomatoes on them finally, but they sure are taking their sweet time turning red! (still true!) We have picked a few cherry tomatoes already. After being away for a week, we came home to a few  Zucchino Rampicante ready to be picked!


We have two plants going up the trellis which are both seeded from the same pack. Yet, somehow each plant produced different colors of squash! We decided to pick one of each to see if there was any difference in taste.


Look at how big these things are! Matt took one to work for dinners and we kept the other one to cook up at home. We used to spirallizer and cooked the Zucchino in some butter with onion. It was delicious! We also spirallized some and used it as noodles with pasta sauce instead of grain pasta. I love my pasta, but this was even better! I wouldn’t mind never using regular noodles again!



One Zucchino is enough for several meals so we only cut off as much as we needed each time. To keep it fresh we wrapped a beeswax wrap from Abeego around the cut edge and left it on the counter. It worked perfectly! The beeswax wrap acts like a natural peel keeping things fresh. Allowing it to breathe and protecting it from air and moisture. I absolutely love this warp for all things that need covered or sealed. Pitch the plastic wrap and opt for a reusable natural product instead!


I can’t wait to share what the garden looks like presently…you won’t even recognize it!



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