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Kiwi lovers-Keep the skin on!

I have a huge love for the fruit Kiwi. However, they are so hard to peel and eat that I tend to skip on it. It's difficult to eat, messy, and not convenient on the go. Did you know you can eat the skin and it tastes GOOD?! That's right, just wash it up and… Continue reading Kiwi lovers-Keep the skin on!

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Shampoo Free & Plaine Products

  Poo Free-About two years ago I decided to try the "poo free" route with my hair. This meant no more washing with shampoos and conditioners. I wanted to try this mainly because those products contain a ton of chemicals, dyes, and fragrances that are bad for you. They also strip your head of all… Continue reading Shampoo Free & Plaine Products

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First Harvest of 2017

Disclaimer: This post was written one month ago! YIKES! I've been caught up with things and just had a chance to edit and post this! Our garden is finally booming, but the amount of fruit is still slow going. Our tomato plants especially are a bit smaller than they were last year at this time.… Continue reading First Harvest of 2017

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Repurposed Patio Table

We recently sold our old glass patio table set when Matt and I found some rocking wrought iron outdoor chairs at a second hand store. We were stoked to find comfortable, used chairs in great condition. The only problem? We were left with no table to go with them! We lived with six chairs in… Continue reading Repurposed Patio Table


Coop Tour

Designing a coop was something we started researching before we ever got our chickens. We needed something small to fit the space we had and also something that optimized the space for the chickens seeing as we didn't have a ton of room. We have a nicely landscaped back yard and the perfect area underneath… Continue reading Coop Tour


Chick Days

I knew that my dear chickens had to be my first blog post, but I struggled with where to start their story. In order to fully introduce you to my backyard flock, lets┬átake you all the way back to the beginning! Let me formally introduce you to my babes... Pasty, Roxie, Little, Big Mama, &… Continue reading Chick Days